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Thursday, March 12, 2015

March 12, 2015 Lakewood, NM Carlsbad Caverns

We left Benson, AZ on the 9th. I forgot to show this photos of the Quail.
 And these of the Road Runner. BEEP BEEP.

 In route I took this picture of some of the art work on the AZ over passes.
 We stopped at the SKP Dream-catcher Park in Deming, NM. Don had supper with us. He is retired Navy and Father of MOC friends.
 After Deming we headed to Carlsbad / Roswell, NM. In route saw a sign for the White Sands Missile Museum so we stopped. 

 Old Switch board.
 Target Drone
 Parked at the museum.
 Scud slogans.

 About 20 miles down the road was the White Sands National Monument. We stopped there and meet up with an Everest (rv) with NY tags. The were from Batavia, NY. They (Bruce and Donna) traveled with us to Lakewood at the SKP Ranch Park.

 There is a walking trail between Jim and my RV so we put up this toll.
This rv park is half way between Carlsbad Caverns and Roswell so it works out.
We went to the caverns on the 12th. 

 The Caverns visitor center is on the top of a plateau. That area in the distance is about 800 to 1000 feet below.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

March 6 Titan Missle Museum and Old Tucson Movie Set

We coerced Vickie into going to the Titan Missile Museum with a promise of Old Tucson Movie Set later. After she got there she found it was very interesting.
 Yep we are out west but they are still hibernating.
 Spring is coming the cactus are in bloom.

 The design of the complex is very interesting.  Jim the electrician hatted to see these loops until it was explained they were expansion loops to handle ground movement if a bomb hit close to the silo.
 These springs are for shock effect for the whole command center room.
 Our tour person designated site commander just turned the key to activate launch.
 Looking at the top of the missle from the third level. There are nine more levels below me. That is a different tour (4 hours) and crawling through access tunnels.
 From the top looking down.
 This HF antenna is now accessible for hams with a picnic table and rolled coax. Just bring all the correct radio equipment and plug in to coax. Only available during open hours.
Our Dosimeter.
As promised we moved north towards Old Tucson Movie Set. We were directed to come in from the north so we could get these photos.

When we got to Old Tucson we found there was a STEAMPUNK event going on also. I had no idea what it was and am still bewildered. Many of the photos are of people dressed in STEAMPUNK costumes.
The wind may have helped this lady.

We attend a cattle drive talk by this gentleman.
Back of the Chuck wagon.
I was going to ask about "sourdough" but no need. 

The Grand Palace Musical Review.

The men were pulled from the audience and dressed in costume.
The man playing the JUG even made moves of drinking from it.
Even older folks were into STEAMPUNK.
Gun fight and stunt men show.
Don't push.
He did.
Last stop was the Film museum.